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First steps in setting up a web site

It was quite some time ago that America Online Inc (AOL) gave us a simple way of producing a web site with AOLPress. Since then many different ways have evolved and this is likely to expand in future years. The horizon is always out there.

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Start of Websites

Most of the websites were static html. Each page was planned out and hand coded to match the plan.

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AOLPress available mid-1990's

Individuals could make their own sites without going to specialist development firms. Knowledge of html was not needed.

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The Millennium ushered in "easy to use" packages: WORDPRESS being a popular package.

Lots of facilities, tools for including animation, sound, etc...

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Lots of choice now available, WIX is reportedly one of the simplest for the user.

The PC Magazine regularly does comparisons of the various packages available.

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